It started on 7th Street. Working to Illuminate the only “Vertical Road” in the United States. 

Our Mission

We create temporary public displays to “Illuminate” and create positive energy in the town of Oregon City using the city’s natural and long standing landmarks to enhance livability through commerce, tourism, and reinforcing our strong shared identity.

By bringing people to the downtown area these installations will help show our local, regional and national communities the historic and continually evolving place Oregon City is.

Leave No Trace principles help guide our interactions with the locations we are allowed to operate in. We do not want to damage the locations we use as to retain their relevant historical significance. These are places that have other purposes such as businesses store fronts, railroad and other vehicle transit and the natural beauty. We want to make sure we do not negatively impact these purposes when we complete a display.

Through donations of Money, Time and Resources from the local community we believe Oregon City is a great place and we want to show it off to the whole world.

Projects to Date

  • 2017 Oregon City Elevator Halloween Projection

  • 2017 Oregon City Elevator Christmas Tree Lighting Projection

  • 2017 Main St. Store Front Vintage Department Store Displays (3 Windows)

  • 2017 “Let It Snow” Interactive snow on Main St.

  • 2018 Oregon City Elevator Halloween Projection

  • 2018 Oregon City Elevator Christmas Season Projection (Projected)

  • 2018 Oregon City Elevator NYE Projection (Projected)

  • 2018 Main St Storefront Vintage Department Store Displays

  • 2018 “Let It Snow” Interactive Snow on Main st.

  • 2018 Christmas Tree Decorations and Lighting